Geraldine Puttock

Geraldine Puttock is the My Incubator Manager for Bedford.

BackgroundGeraldine Puttock

Geraldine joined Wenta in April 2012. Prior to Joining Wenta, Geraldine worked at Business Link helping start up and established businesses for 9 years. Geraldine specialises in People Management and Skills Development.


Geraldine’s role as My Incubator Manager is to have overall responsibility of the My Incubator facility at Bedford. This includes providing clients with support, allowing them to start their new business with confidence and all that entails understanding the aspects of running their own company.

Part of Geraldine’s role is to make all businesses are aware of their carbon footprint and provide support to access the right information.


Outside of work Geraldine enjoys listening to a wide range of music (but definitely not Country music!), watching Formula 1 racing, reading crime novels, travelling and aerobics.

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