Shahida Parkar

Shahida Parkar is the My Incubator Manager for Luton.

BackgroundShahida Parkar

Prior to joining Wenta in January 2012 Shahida worked at Business Link where she gained substantial experience of working with Black and Minority Ethnic (BaME) Businesses and Community. Shahida also has past experience of providing advice and guidance to businesses, on areas such as: finance, marketing, exporting, staff training, reducing costs, networking and how to remain competitive.


Shahida’s role at Wenta is to provide support in creating and growing low carbon aware businesses under the ERDF funded project. Shahida is also in charge of My Incubator in Luton and provides in-depth assistance with business development, sustainability and viability to all its clients. 


Outside of work Shahida enjoys travelling, eating, especially chocolates, socialising with family, friends and community interactions, swimming, walking and Zumba, particularly if she feels guilty about the chocolates, which is not too often.  

Contact Details:

Shahida Parkar
My Incubator Advisor

T 01582 433700

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